Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Tan in a Can

This week, I'm coming full circle and trying the L'Oreal Paris Sublime Bronze ProPerfect Salon Airbrush Self-Tanning Mist. My first post consisted of my attempt at spray tanning which didn't go over so well. I'm hoping this at self-tanning airbrush bronzer will do the trick.

I was at Shoppers Drug Mart last week and stumbled upon this tanning solution by complete accident. I thought I'd try it of these sunless tanning products have to work eventually...right?

The product promises a "gorgeous salon perfect tan at home" and a "fresh new citrus scent" which couldn't be further from the truth. Using this product reminded me of my spray tanning experience at the tanning salon, which brought back terrible memories of transforming into an Oompa Loopma for a week. It smells really awful, which in turn makes my hair smell awful. I guess they still have some work to do on that "fresh citrus scent."

The instructions say to spray the Sublime Bronze on your body daily for about a week, at which point you should have a nice sunless tan. In order to maintain this tan, spray yourself every few days. I started using Sublime Bronze last Wednesday and guess what? I'm still as pale as ever.

I'm going to say Drop it. The can only contains 150mL for about ten bucks, so if continual use is the key, you're going to be spending a ton of money on a tan in a can.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Bump it

Sorry boys, you won't be interested this week.

The product I'll be talking about this week is Bumpits. They are "hair volumizing leave-in inserts" that let our hair go "from flat to fabulous in seconds!" I've always wanted to try Bumpits, and luck would have it, they are now sold at the Dollarama for two bucks. Bumpits are one of those As Seen on TV products and look like a great solution to styling your hair.
Bumpits claim that in three easy steps you will have that more volumized hair. There are three different sizes - small, medium and large; so you can decide which sized bump you want. I tired all three sizes out and I'm not sure if I'm just hair-challenged, my hair just isn't thick eough to cover the plastic pieces, or they really don't work, but I couldn't figure them out for the life of me. I would Drop it but my opinion might change if one day I have all the time in the world to figure out how to make my hair look like the girl in the picture.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Weather Shield

A few weeks ago when the cold and snow seemed never ending, I decided to try out the Pro Tek Weather Shield. It's basically a windshield cover that is suppose to protect from frost, snow and dirt. I wanted to try it because anything that will make my early mornings a little easier is worth trying. I put the cover on one night when I returned home from work and hoped for the best. The next morning as I went outside in hopes of not having to scrape any ice from my windshield, I noticed the Pro Tek Weather Shield had completely blown off and therefore, I had to scrape the frost from my car. It has magnets in all four corners that are suppose to secure it to the car, but in my case this didn't really help. I tried it again a few days later during a snowfall. It stayed on throughout the night because the snow was heavy, but in the morning when I pulled it off, I had to use the snow brush anyways because the snow just went all over the place. I bought the Pro Tek Weather Shield at Showcase for $9.95. Although not expensive, it definitely wasn't worth it. Drop it. It looks like the old fashioned way of removing frost and snow is just going to have to do.